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Thomas GraysonAge: 20 years1641/42 CE1663

Thomas Grayson
Birth January 6, 1641/42 CE (January 16, 1642) 51
Death of a fatherAnthony Grayson
1645 (Age 2 years)

MarriageMary GraceView this family
1655 (Age 12 years)

Birth of a son
John Grayson
about 1660 (Age 17 years)
Death of a wifeMary Grace
1663 (on the date of death)

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Death 1663 (Age 20 years)

Birth of a son
John Grayson
about 1668 (5 years after death)
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: 1615
27 years
Family with Mary Grace - View this family
Marriage: 1655
6 years

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Name (Facts Pg) John Grayson

Source: Family Archive #513, Virginia Land, Marriage and Probate Records Ed. 1Author:, LLCPub. Facts: Release date: October 28, 1999 Medium: Family Archive CD Comments: Indexed records.